Assistance during seperation and divorce

Welcome to togain – we support you and your child in the case of separation !

We Are Here to Help

  • Prior to separation if you have a child and have to prepare a divorce or seperation in Austria.
  • During the divorce or separation we can support you in finding the best possible arrangements for you and your child
  • After separation from your partner, if you would like to find better solutions for problems that may have arisen since the separation.

Contact us

  • if you need information about the official channels you will have to go through in Austria
  • if you need informations about possible financial support offered by the state for you and your child
  • if you would like to know what to do and what to avoid for the sake of your child
  • if you are facing the situation of explaining the separation to your child and you don't know how
  • if you having communication issues with the other parent
  • if you need support as a seperated parent to improve your relationship with your child

We also provide advice and support to help you

  • prevent problems from arising
  • reach a consensus-based solution between you and your former partner regarding custody and vistiation rights.
  • to help you to settle final arrangements about shared custody or the right of access to vour child
  • to improve your and your child's situation


To get in touch with us, either contact us per

E-Mail: office [AT] togain [PUNKT] at

Mobile Phone: +43 676 3680056

or with our contact formular.